Our Director of Operations‘ encounter with wine dates back to his childhood years in Patagonia, Argentina, in his parents’ busy “churrasquería” restaurant.  His memories of the “damajuanas de vino” pouring in from the local distributor are still very vivid. Back in the day, damajuanas (demijohn or dame jeanne) were large glass jugs of table wine usually carrying 5 liters each and were a staple element in Argentine restaurants.

Daniel’s true passion for wine began in his 20’s while he worked as a waiter in some of the most popular ethnic restaurants in Chicago at the time and learned about the different wine regions and tasting notes’ profiles – particularly from Spain and Italy – during the weekly meetings with owners, chefs, managers and wait staff.

As a true wine lover, he expanded his curiosity about different styles of wines, from a noble Spanish Tempranillo, to a bold Californian Cabernet Sauvignon, to an elegant Italian Barbaresco, to the phenomenal Malbec from Argentina, the fifth largest wine producer in the world with a winemaking history that dates back 300 years.

It was that curiosity turned into knowledge what led our company to become fascinated, not only with the flagship wine country of Mendoza within the larger Cuyo region; with the province of San Juan; or with Cafayate, Salta in the Valles Calchaquíes region; but also with Daniel’s native Patagonia, which has been consistently producing amazing wines…so much so that in 2020 the region was awarded with the recognition of the Best Pinot Noir in the world.

Altitude Wine Imports’ story is in the making, and it’s set out to bring our clients the very best wines and share the passion and spirit of Argentina’s winemaking tradition.

Daniel Radevski

Director of Operations
Altitude Wine Imports, LLC